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Please help me with the word HURT!

Can hurt ever be an ADJECTIVE?! Google defines it as verb and noun only, however, other sources have it as an adjective? For ex: "Please help, someone is hurt here!" or "she's hurt and needed an ambulance now!" or "That's hurt" or "The hurt child was taken to the hospital." Because I've seen many verb been converted to an adjective as a form of past participles.
Also, there're a lot of "that huts". Why it doesn't have an object pronoun? is it not needed since we already knew what they meant was "that hurts me" ??
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    Yes, "hurt" can be an adjective, indeed originating from the (identical) past participle of "to hurt". "To hurt" can, as well as its transitive meaning, have an intransitive meaning (i.e. it takes no object). "That hurts" means "That causes pain".


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    "Hurt" here is a participle.
    2.2 Gram. A word that partakes of the nature of a verb and an adjective(or ‘noun adjective’); a derivative of a verb which has the function and construction of an adjective (qualifying a noun), while retaining some of those of the verb (e.g. tense, government of an object); a verbal adjective. Formerly often reckoned a separate part of speech.

    Your second question should be posted in a separate thread.
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