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This context is excerpetd from the source :

Context : Today the entire hustle-bustle of Rajesh’s wedding reception. Rajesh had intentionally selected a spot, neither at an over-crowded town centre nor too far outside the village, surrounded by the green lawn.

The word 'hustle-bustle ' sounds bit strange to me. I didn't find the meaning anywhere.

What does it means?

I assume that this is a phrase. But I am not sure my persuasion is correct.

I left this to native speaker's opinions. Please share your ideas on this.

Thanks in advance.
  • wandle

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    Today the entire hustle-bustle of Rajesh’s wedding reception.
    Unfortunately, this is not a valid sentence. On the one hand, there is no verb. On the other hand, 'the entire hustle-bustle' is left hanging: we are not told what the author wants to say about the hustle-bustle. And why 'entire'?

    It seems this oddness of expression is not deliberate, but is due to lack of mastery of English.
    I think we can make this judgement because a few lines further on we find another badly expressed idea:
    Priya, of the college days and the one now, was appearing to be radically different.
    Conclusion: do not rely on this author as a guide to good English, written or spoken.
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