Hustle/Hustler (Basketball)

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  1. Ideawhiz Senior Member

    Spanish, Puerto Rico
    Friends, I have checked the different postings for these words but have not found any that relates to the term in Basketball. A definition I found on the internet says that "hustling is diving for loose balls, or running after balls to gain a possesion". I need a translation for the term in Spanish as in the following sentence:

    He was awarded the 2010 "Hustle Player of the Year" award.

  2. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    Hustle, in any sport, refers to how hard a person tries. It means giving 100% to whatever you are doing, and doing it as fast as you can. Often the best players are not the most talented, but those who try the hardest, and that makes them hustle players.

    When I tell my baseball players (I'm a coach) to run faster, I shout, "Come on, hustle up!"
  3. Ideawhiz Senior Member

    Spanish, Puerto Rico
    Exactly, gengo! That's what I'm looking for. What I can't find, however, is a translation to the term in Spanish! Any clue?
  4. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    I'll leave that to a native speaker, but it would be something like El jugador más trabajador. Something more colloquial would be better.
  5. Ideawhiz Senior Member

    Spanish, Puerto Rico
    Greatly appreciate your help, regardless!
  6. KirkandRafer

    KirkandRafer Senior Member

    Español (Murcia, España)
    A bit late, but here we'd talk about un luchador/guerrero/gladiador/jugador con garra.

    As for the verb, maybe vamos, con más energía.
  7. Ideawhiz Senior Member

    Spanish, Puerto Rico
    ¡Dicen que nunca es tarde cuando la dicha es buena! Never too late and I greatly appreciate your input. I like "jugador con garra". I have read in other sites that "ajetreo" is used in basketball to denote "hustle" but had not been able to find anything yet for "hustler" itself. This might work! Thank you!

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