Hustle Keep on Truckin

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sisse nar

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Hi, everyone.

This is from "Floating City" by Sudir Venkatesh.

"He noticed my existence and said, "Oh, sorry - I don't mean you." I was supposed to understand that he meant Paki Pakis, not an assimilated person like myself who understood important cultural intricacies like the Hustle and "Keep on Truckin'."

I guess the writer shows some sarcasm gives a couple of cultural intricasies.
I wonder what the Hustle and "Keep on Trunkin'" refer to in this context.
Are the both songs, or TV series?
  • perpend

    American English
    "The Hustle" is a dance for me.

    "Keep on Truckin'" could be a song reference, but it could also be considered a phrase, for me, like "Keep on Keepin' on", or something like that.
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