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Hello, I am translating the following paragraph and I am not quite sure about the meaning of "hustle through". I appreciate your help.

Guests hustle through the smallish, spare lobby for sightseeing and client meetings during the day.

Thank you in advance.
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    If you use the word hustle in the search box above, and chose "English definition" you will be taken to the definition. :thumbsup:


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    You are dividing the sentence incorrectly. "Hustle" is simply a verb, with its ordinary meaning. "Through" is a preposition that begins the prepositional phrase "through the smallish, spare lobby." You could have many different verbs, and keep the preposition:
    Guests run through the lobby.
    Guests walk through the lobby.
    Guests stagger through the lobby.
    Gursts drive through the lobby.
    Guests ride bicycles through the lobby

    And so on...