hut vs hovel

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Hello friends! Could you explain me the difference between these two words - hut & hovel, please? Thank you!
  • JamesM

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    To me, a hut is constructed of temporary materials (wood, straw, branches, cane or other things). "Hut" doesn't tell us the general condition of the building. A hut could be in excellent shape.

    A hovel could be a more permanent structure (brick, adobe or other things) or a simple hut. The word includes the connotation that the structure is shabby and run-down.


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    1. Hut: a small, [very humble] dwelling [house], often made of wood.

    2. Hovel: a wretched hut. Any dirty, disorganized dwelling.

    In future, could you please try the dictionary first and then explain what you do not understand about the definitions. :thumbsup:
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