Huwag mo kasing i-delete


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Hi everyone.
Could someone please help to translate messages below (its maybe mixed with cebuano, and and words are shortened, so i gave up)

- pasa ato bi katong gpasa nmu ge delete mn gud nko ipasa nko skg fren

- tapos na ey kaya dinelete ko tas humingi mn fren

- panghatag panit ba kulang gud naa ako kauban 2 kbuok

- wag mo kasi i delete
  • DotterKat

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    The Tagalog lines (#2 and #4):
    It was finished that's why I deleted it, but then (he/she) asked for.....(?)
    That's why (I'm telling you) don't delete it.


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    I deleted the one that you sent to me. I would like to forward it to my friend.

    It's already finished - that's why I deleted it. And he/she asked for it.

    Give me something because it's not enough and I have two friends.

    That's why you shouldn't delete it.