hybird letter (hybrid)

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    I'm guessing it is a typographical error for "hybrid," but without context, I still don't know what it actually means.


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    Kelly's right - without context it's almost impossible to guess. And the FAQ suggests the following:
    5. Provide an example sentence to show the context, whenever possible. Additional comments on the application for technical terms are strongly suggested.
    If you can provide context or an example sentence, it's possible that someone will recognise the term.


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    Hi pegaso,

    I can only guess, too - but "hybrid" means 'mixed' in a kind of way, so I'm assuming that a "hybrid letter" can be a ligature, a letter that actually consists of two letters.

    These kind of letters have been used especially in former times for printing: Letter combinations that occured in a language very often have been put together to form a single letter which saved time and space for publishers when setting the letter-types for printing a book.

    I don't know if there are any of these ligatures left in English - do you know about the older "fracture style" of writing (many serious newspapers still use them for their titles)?, e.g.

    This writing style is of German origin and here, many ligatures have been created to be used for publishing reasons, e.g.


    AE, ae, OE, and oe are still used e.g. in Swedish.

    The German "ß" was put together from s+z or s+s:

    ("ß" is the only remaining ligature that still survives in German handwriting).

    Some ligatures still exist when used for printing books or newspapers, one that you can find quite often is the ligature of "f+f" and "f+t" (compare "ff" and "ft" in a book to their single equivalents and you'll notice slight differences.)

    I guess this might be what you were looking for ;)
    Best wishes


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    Mr. Magoo may be on to something. I used to work as a typesetter...that will give you the idea that I coexisted with dinosaurs... and we had ligatures...combination letters on a single piece of metal or wood type. They included ff, fi, ffi, ae and a few others I cannot recall.

    Given the lack of context, a hybrid letter might also be a letter--correspondence-- that includes both personal and business matters.

    Finally, it might describe the taxonomy of hybridized plants, which are often named by letters indicating the male and female parents.

    We await more information from you.

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    First hit on ''hybrid letter'' from Google is to a post at WordReference.com (!!), namely, http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=33726, that says:

    JasonNPato said:
    I was wondering if anyone could help me translate this. It's a bit of a "hybrid" letter, I know, but can you guys please translate the first part and correct the second (Italian part). I know there must be some mistakes in there, as my Italian grammar is just atrociously bad. ;)
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    So, in this case it simply means a letter that is a mixture of English and Italian.