hypothèse de recentrage


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please, can you tell me: if I have this phrase:

  1. Elle se fonde, d’une part, sur une réduction importante des coûts de production et d’amélioration de la trésorerie et, d’autre part, sur une hypothèse de recentrage géographique des activités du groupe PSA.


Would "hypothèse de recentrage" be "possible reorentation"? Would that be ok as a translation for an English person?
Or would that distort the meaning?

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  • Michelvar

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    Good evening!

    No, I don't think so.

    "se fonde sur ..... une hypothese de rencentrage géographique" means "is based on ..... a possible geographical grouping/concentration..."

    I leave the correct English wording to natives, but this is the meaning.


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    Thanks :)

    maybe "regrouping" would work? I think it is important to somehow reflect the "re" of"recentrage"... I just do not find the word...


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    I think I found your source text.

    It sounds to me as if the group will indeed be reorienting its geographical focus. The target is that 50% of the group's activities will be outside the EU by 2015, so assuming that the EU currently represents the majority of the group's activities, this would indeed be a reorientation in the business sense.

    Michelvar, I'm not quite sure why you felt that "grouping" or "concentration" would be a better representation of the idea. I don't think we're talking about a consolidation (wherein locations are eliminated to group activities together at a few hubs)... Could you perhaps explain your concerns?


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    well this is not the exact text, but it is really close and, of course, talks about my problem :) Thank you for the opinion, it is really appreciated :)
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