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  1. Petros5 New Member

    Hypothecation to describe local taxes for specific purposes
  2. I can't see a question... is there one?
    If you want the word in Greek, it's Υποθήκη.
  3. velisarius Senior Member

    British English (Sussex)
    Maybe you can say "επιβολή φόρου για συγκεκριμένο σκοπό". What do native speakers think?
  4. Petros5 New Member

    Υποθήκη seems to be literally "mortgage". Hypothecation is about making a direct connection between taxes and services ie not to pay off banks and speculators.
  5. Petros5 New Member

    επιβολή seems to imply imposition. The idea behind hypothecation is a new settlement between government and people whereby taxes are directly linked to services. This must be negotiated not imposed.
  6. Yποθήκευση then.
    As in "υποθήκευση φορολογικών εσόδων".

    A mortgage (υποθήκη) is also a form of hypothecation...
  7. Petros5 New Member

    Your efforts are appreciated. The sentence I want to translate into Greek is this
    "Hypothecation is a long word to describe persuading tax-payers to pay extra local taxes for specific ear-marked purposes"
  8. Andrious Senior Member

    Well, your sentence seems weird to me... I knew that Hypothecation means just υποθήκευση and that is used when someone hypothecates his house or his shop. I think you´ll have to say it with other words cause I can´t think of a word that fits your expectations (maybe a compound, perhaps). The only thing that comes to my mind is "ανταποδοτικό τέλος (or ανταποδοτικός φόρος)", which are taxes that go for a specific kind of social purpose. For example, the Greeks pay a few euros in a bill to have public television. Perhaps then you could use ανταποδοτικότητα in your example.
  9. Petros5 New Member

    That's sounds very promising

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