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Hello, that question would suit a native speaker of English but, ¡¡si te la sabes tú también eres bienvenido!!
The expression:

After all ..."I´ve been through"...could be written like after all... "I went through"?

Then the phrasal verb is to be through something or to go through something?
Thanks in advance.
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  • sound shift

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    The phrasal verb is "to go through".

    However, in British English, "All I've been through" is not the same as "All I went through".

    "All I've been through" implies that my problems are continuing or might continue or finished very recently.

    "All I went through" implies that my problems ended some time ago.


    Perfect explanation from sound shift. De allí la diferencia clave entre el presente perfecto británico y el de EE. UU.
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