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    Dear All,

    I know this has been brought up in several other forums, however I can't seem to find a conclusive answer. I'm in the midst of setting up a translation company that works between Czech and English (sorry to be writing in English, it's my preferred language) and I'm having trouble with one particular client who is asking me to provide them with my IČO. However, I am registered as a freelance worker in England and we do not have such a thing - has anyone else come across this same problem? Have you managed to find an equivalent term in English that satisfies the different tax legislation in the Czech Republic?

    I think DIČO translates as 'VAT Number', though again, I know that people in the Czech Republic can have a DIČO without actually paying DPH. So again, if you've managed to find the equivalent and correct term in English, I'd be very grateful to hear from you.

    With thanks,

    Czech your English
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    I'm not totally clear whether this if for a company since you say you are registered as freelance, but the following is the equivalent in the UK for those who are self-employed.

    IČO is Self Employment Registration Number
    DIČ is Self Employment Tax Number (this is not a VAT no. as everyone who is a podnikateľský subjekt has one, whether or not they pay DPH. It is the number the tax office gives you and without it you cannot invoice).

    I should mention that I am registered in Slovakia, but the laws are very similar.
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    IČO = identifikační číslo osoby (právnické nebo podnikající fyzické);
    identification number of a person (legal or natural doing business), i.e. of an economical subject;

    In the Czech Republic the freelance persons (like writers, painters, music composers, artists, freelance journalists, programmers, etc.) that act according to the author's law have no IČO. Sometimes it causes some difficulties as some subjects ask the freelance persons to provide their IČO. In the past I (as a freelance programmer) solved the problem by (needless) registration at the trade register (živnostenský úřad). I obtained the trade licence (živnostenský list) and an IČO.

    DIČ (not DIČO) = daňové identifikační číslo;
    tax identification number, not necessarily related to the VAT, but to the taxes generally;
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    You partners could be legally obliged to ask you for your IČ (IČO) and you are due to provide them with IČ once you have it. But you needn't have one. Simple "none" is acceptable answer.

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