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  1. sufler Senior Member

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    This is a sentence from an online article:
    Talepleri değerlendiren AK Parti, değişiklik tamamlanmadan w, x, q harfleriyle ilgili isteği de işleme aldı.

    My attempt:
    Without completing the alteration(s), the AK Party, which is reviewing the requests, has focused on the claims regarding letters w, x, q.

    However, I'm not really sure if "işleme almak" can be translated as "to focus on", but generally I understand this expression as "to start working on (sth)".
    And by the way, is the part about "not completing the alternations" translated correctly? Because I don't really know what they meant by that...

    This is the source of the article, if you need to know the full context: http://www.trthaber.com/haber/gundem/6-il-ve-12-ilce-icin-yeni-isim-onerisi-108572.html
  2. namik80 Member

    işleme almak: put into process (to start working over it)

    "focused on" means giving too much attention on something. But "işleme almak" is not so serious. It sounds more bureaucracy, more paperwork and much more time.
  3. sufler Senior Member

    Polish - Poland
    Ok, so the whole sentence should be understood as follows:
    The AK Party is currently processing the claims regarding letters w, x, q but they hasn't made any changes yet.
  4. Reverence Senior Member

    Upon evaluating the demands, AKP took the request regarding the letters w, x, and q into consideration before the alteration is finalized.

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