I’d rather be <sailing>

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Detective Pope is investigating a crime, and learns that NSA are too, which she finds weird because NSA is not supposed to deal with cases like this. She to one of them:
POPE: What are you doing at my crime scene, Carl? I mean, what’s so national security about this?
CARL: Look, we’ve been on this case. So any new information that you get on Paretta or Correll, you give me a call anytime, day or night.
POPE: You like this part, don’t you? The part where you get to take away my case.
CARL: I’d rather be sailing.
The Forgotten, movie

What do you think "sail" means here?
Thank you.
  • VicNicSor

    I.e, he means: "No, I don't like this part very much. I like sailing on a boat more." That is, any activity he likes doing would work in this sentence too, not only "sailing".

    Do I correctly understand?
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