I’m starting at left tackle


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Dear all,
could you please help me out with a difficulty in a novel by Dennis Lehane "Gone, baby, gone"?

“The punch line,” Oscar said, “is you better stay away from the left side.”
“Why?” [asked Patrick]
“Because I’m starting at left tackle.

Patrick is going to take part in American football game. Does the phrase
'Because I’m starting at left tackle' mean Oscar is starting the game as a left blocking halfback? (This is what I managed to find in English-Russian Lingvo dictionary. Probably the name is incorrect, but, I hope, it gives the idea of what I mean)
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    Left tackle is a position on the line in a football game. There are both defensive and offensive tackles. Offensive tackles try to prevent defensive players from tackling the quarterback or running backs. Defensive tackles try to tackle the offensive members who are throwing or carrying the ball.


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    Tackles are not the same as any halfback, so I would suggest that the definition is wrong. A tackle is a tackle (is a tackle). :)

    Here's a diagram for you.

    And here's an article on Wikipedia -- you can search for tackle and find both defensive and offensive tackles. Then you can check for halfbacks to see the difference -- which is also illustrated in their positions in the linked image above.

    You're right that he's starting the game at this position.
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