I.1, 65 (quoting Shakespeare)

Ahmed Samir Darwish

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In "Judged", by Ziyad Marar, the author said:

You could add that Othello’s own concern for his reputation as an upright and honourable soldier also led him to his doom. Our ambivalence is understandable. Iago says ‘I am not what I am’ (I.1, 65), thus bluntly showing us the gap between appearance and reality.

To which thing does this stand for?
  • Keith Bradford

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    Mind you, the act, scene and line divisions were invented mostly by later editors, so there's no guarantee of consistency. In general the kind of reference you quote is accurate enough, but an academic work will also need to state somewhere (often in the preface) which edition of the works is being used.

    For instance, the divisions in Julius Caesar (5.1, 5.2 and 5.3) have various problems and make just as much sense if read as a continuous scene. That's what I'm doing in my upcoming production, but I still give the conventional scene numbers so that my actors don't get lost. That's what conventions are for.