"I ache for you"



In a episode of "Two and a half man", two persons are about to have sex and the girl says : "I ache for you".

I don't understand what does it mean, beacause when I look in the dictionary, it said that "ache" is "to have or suffer a continous, dull pain".

Thank you.
  • Hau Ruck

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    'Ache' can also be the physical throbbing or other sexual sensations that a man or woman feels in their genitals when sexually aroused.

    It can also just be a feeling throughout the body (not just genitals) of wanting the other person. But that sense is still sexual in feeling.


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    I think we could rephrase "I ache for you." to "I yearn painfully for you."

    yearn /jɜːn/ vb (intransitive)
    • usually followed by for or after or an infinitive: to have an intense desire or longing (for); pine (for)
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