I agree with the proposals set out in your job offer

Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by L'irlandais, Jan 29, 2013.

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    Grüezi mitenand,
    In the continuing saga of my (year-long) jobsearch, over the border from here, I wish to say the following :
    Insgesamt bin ich mit den Vorschlägen Ihrem Angeboten einverstanden ; denke allerdings, dass ich würde gern etwas früher anfangen, wenn es möglich wäre.
    A savoir, there are two (or three) stages in the offer - a two week Praktikum, leading to a possible 3 month trial period, before a full time job offer.
    A week 12 start, seems like a bit of a tough wait to me, especially since I have more than one iron in the fire.
    My difficulty is whether or not Vorschlägen and Angeboten can be combined like that, I fear perhaps it sounds odd in German. Any thoughts? Anybody?

    As I'm writing in German, there isn't exactly an English sentence I'm translating from. However, what I roughly wish to convey is the following.
    On the whole I agree with the proposals set out in your job offer, though I would like to start sooner if that were possible.

    Danke vielmals !
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  2. Bahiano

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    Hallo L'irlandais,

    hier mein Vorschlag:

    Insgesamt bin ich mit den Bedingungen in Ihrem Stellenangeboten einverstanden. Ich würde jedoch gerne etwas früher anfangen, zu arbeiten, wenn es möglich wäre.

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