I ain't got nobody, and nobody cares for me

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  1. Panzamodda Member

    I watched "Young Frankenstein" some past few days, and I'd like to know how I can translate the first Igor's phrase (la prima battuta di Igor).

    While examining a shelf of dead, disembodied heads, they come across Igor

    Igor: [singing] I! I ain't got nobody, and nobody cares for me. [scatting]
    Dr. Frankenstein: Igor!
    Igor: Frodrick!
    Dr. Frankenstein: How did you get here?
    Igor: Through the dumbwaiter. I heard the strangest music from the upstairs kitchen and I just... followed it down. Call it... a hunch. Ba-dum SHI!

    My attempt:

    "Non ho nessuno, e quindi nessuno tiene a me"

    Ma é un tentativo molto lontano dal vero significato, temo... <domanda supplementare rimossa>
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  2. stella_maris_74

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    immagino tu sia consapevole che esiste già una versione italiana del film e, quindi, anche di queste battute.
    L'hai cercata?
  3. Panzamodda Member

    Si ovvio, ma volevo sapere in termini "grammaticali" una traduzione letterale...
  4. MR1492

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    This is also a play on words (gioca de parole) in English. The song is about not having a person in your life. But it can also be used for the disembodied heads as "I ain't got no body..." (as the disembodied head doesn't have a body.)
  5. Panzamodda Member

    I'm really laughing alout right now, hahaha, it's a very nice play on words (gioco di parole). Also I'd like to know, how can I literally write "I ain't get nobody", it's like " I am not get nobody"? Then I'd like to ask you what kind of grammal form it's..

    Thank you!! Please, correct my poor English :)
  6. MR1492

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    I am happy you enjoyed the play on words! As for your English, it is quite good. It is undoubtedly much better than my Italian.

    Regarding the translation, you are correct in that it will probably be a double negative in the manner of "Io non ho nessuno."

  7. curiosone

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    MR helped you with the play on words (important to the movie), which unfortunately doesn't translate (puns rarely do). In your attempt at translation, the first part works, but the "quindi" is unnecessary and incorrect (the original doesn't imply that that "nobody cares for me" is a consequence of "I ain't got nobody."

    At this point I think it should be pointed out (for the umpteenth time?
    :rolleyes: ...but not on this thread) that a double negative is incorrect English, but that it's often used in "hip" street language, or colloquially (in my beloved Appalachians, or in rural areas). From this phrase alone you know that Igor isn't from "high society". ;)
  8. Panzamodda Member

    It was very interesting, thank you for this clear explanation! The double negative was one of the reasons because I did't get this play on words.

    Thank you a lot.
  9. Hi Panzamodda, I hope you don't mind this small correction :)

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