1. xXM00KiiE Member

    Puerto Rico Spanish
    Como se dice "i already did!" en español?
  2. LaReinita

    LaReinita Senior Member

    East Coast, USA
    USA (Northeast Coast)-Inglés
    What is that you've already done?

    I already did it=Ya lo hice

    I already called=Ya llamé

    I already ate=Ya comí

    But more context would help.
  3. DMichel Senior Member

    México, español
    ¡Ya lo hice!
    Aunque podría cambiar, según el contexto.
  4. caribea New Member

    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico Spanish
    De acuerdo con DMichel!!!
  5. JB

    JB Senior Member

    Santa Monica, CA, EEUU
    English (AE)
    Dear XX...
    It would help to know if you are translating a document into Spanish, or trying to understand an English document, but I assume you are just asking for yourself, for conversational purposes, so I would add that, in a conversation, if for example, your mother (or spouse or boss) says, "I thought I asked you to empty the trash -- fix the door -- finish the report -- you cold simply say,
    "Ya", meaning "already done."
  6. Blixa Senior Member

    Spanish, MX
    yeah, as far as I know, I´m done = I have finished

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