I already got my paperwork in

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Captain tells the detectives:
-- Detectives, our monthly crime statistics are due. I want all paperwork on your closed cases by tomorrow.
-- I already got my paperwork in, Captain.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine, TV series

If you get something in, you manage to do it at a time when you are very busy doing other things. [V ] I plan to get a few lessons in.
(Collins Cobuild)

This means that she already wrote it, and it's ready for tomorrow to be handed in.

Am I right? Thanks.
  • heypresto

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    No, its the dictionary definition: 11. in or into some place, position, state, relation, etc.: Please come in. Have your papers handed in by Tuesday.

    She had already handed/got her paperwork in.


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    Get is indeed a very versatile word. It's not at all unusual for it to substitute for other words, as in this case. I doubt you'll find them all in any dictionary:)
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