I am a Beijing person

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Hinata Sama

Senior Member
Hi, friends.
I know a person who grow up in London is called Londoner or someone who grow up in New York is called New Yorker.
Also, someone may use Beijinger to call someone who grow up in Beijing.

But can I just use 'Beijing person'? Would that sound better in English?
  • dojibear

    Senior Member
    English - Northeast US
    In English you don't say "I am a Beijing person", and the "-er" is only used for a few places. English has other endings meaning "a person from":
    - a Londoner
    - a Chicagoan
    - a Bostonian
    - a Clevelandite

    But for many cities (including Beijing), there is no "person from" word. We just say "I'm from --"
    - I'm from Fresno.
    - I'm from Beijing.
    - I live in Beijing.
    - I'm a Beijing resident.

    You can also talk about where you grew up:
    - I live in Beijing now, but I am originally from Harbin.
    - I live in Beijing now, but I grew up in Harbin.
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