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Hello, everyone!
Since I do not speak Turkish I watched "Recep Ivedik 3" with English subtitles. There is a scene in the university library where he wants to borrow a book by Victor Hugo claiming he himself is a student, too. He says:
We're from the "Dad, send me to school" campaign. I am a snowdrop.
I have a feeling that something must have been lost in translation since "I am a snowdrop" (= flower) makes no sense to me. Could it be some badly translated Turkish idiom, maybe? I cannot post the subtitled part here, but I have found a video with this scene on YouTube, the a.m. dialogue is approximately in 2:10 time.
Any help or explanation (in English, please) is welcome. Thanks!
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    snowdrop = kardelen in Turkish

    "Various scholarship projects such as “Snowdrops” and “Daddy Send me to School” were started for corporate donors and the scholarship project supported by individual donors was named “I have a Daughter in Anatolia she will be a Teacher”."

    Snowdrop likes difficult conditions like cold winters and may emerge through snow. It sembolizes hope. Snowdrops also express sympathy, purity, optimism, and virtue.



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    The translation is literally correct, he says Kardelenim ben, Ünzileyim ben= I'm a snowdrop, I'm an "Ünzile"

    There was/is a social project called Kardelenler (Snowdrops), a scholarship programme aiming to help girls who come from poor family backgrounds (tipically from Eastern Anatolia) who can't continue their education due to their disadvantaged financial status. The Turkish singer Sezen Aksu also made an album with the same title (Kardelen=Snowdrop) and the income from the concerts were donated to support this social project. One of the songs on this album is called "Ünzile", which is about a girl with the same name from a very disadvantaged background.

    So it is a cultural reference to this. :)

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    Thank you both, Spiraxo and Torontal, for your explanation. Now I get it. I think the guy who translated the English subtitles should at least capitalize it, or translate it as "project Snowdrop" or so. Thanks again.
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