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    Hello everyone!
    I searched the net thoroughly but I didn't find anything about this topic, so I decided to start a new one.
    In the latest album of one of my favorite singers (Lara Fabian), there is a song in English that's called "I Am A-WA". It's the only song in English of the album, the rest of them are in french.
    I cannot find the meaning of this expression. Could you help me, please?

    Here are the lyrics for the song:

    I am A-WA the light of your heart of your soul,
    I am both of your memories your spirit is my own,
    I am all of your senses, the strangest part.
    I am your OTHER half your home

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Hello! I know you posted this message 4 years ago but I also love this song and was wondering what Lara means by A-WA. I just discovered it and wanted to share it with you!
    While looking around I came across the website www.larafabianweb.com and if you go to discographie and choose CD2 of the album Le Secret, when you click on I am A-WA a window pops up with the lyrics to the song. At the bottom there's an explanation of what A-WA means in French. Using google translate you get the meaning of A-WA:

    In Onsei-Do (the Way of Sound, according to the ancient Kototama principle), "A-WA" is the Light of the Soul used by the Source (U) to create everything. "A" is the word-soul that gives the "La" of the atomic symphony creating our universe, the "Big Bang" known to scientists. The echo of this original sound was recorded in 2001, resonating throughout the universe 14 billion years later ... "WA" is the resonance in the material of this primordial "A". "A-WA" is the dimension of the Unconditional and Indivisible Love which manifests itself as an individual, in order to taste oneself as a multitude. "A-WA" is the Light of the Source, the Love Song of Life itself, the Inner Force which invites every being to find its true nature, the recall of our Divine nature.

    Now that you know, you find the lyrics even more impressive, no? :)

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