I am alone

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Hello everyone,

I am studying a little bit Korean right now and when I tried to translate "I am alone" Google suggested me 나는 혼자 instead of 나는 혼자 ?
For exemple :
- I am late -> 나는 늦
- I am a toy -> 나는 장난감이
But "I am alone" -> 나는 혼자

So is google doing a mistake here by using 야 instead of 다 or is 야 a form of 다 or a verb equivalent to 다 ?
Thank you I am a bit lost on that case, and cannot find anyting on that subject on the internet
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    Bonjour otokage,
    The main difference between ending a sentence with "야" and "다" is in formality (on dirait, la bienséance/la politesse).

    More specifically, "나는 혼자" would be normally spoken (to your friend, to whoever is on familiar/casual/informal terms with you).
    Though it may mean the same thing, "나는 혼자다" would be written instead of being spoken. It is a more literal, written form (like a declaration, statement of some sorts).
    Koreans would not use "나는 혼자다" in a conversation (whether causal or formal).
    It may be used for a diary/journal entry or a monologue in a theatrical piece.

    A more formal version of "나는 혼자야" would be "나는 혼자입니다" or "나는 혼자에요."
    All in all, Google is not wrong in this case. It is just giving you an informal/casual form of what you've input.

    Hope this helps!


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    Oh you speak French it's great, but we are under the Korean section of wordreference so please respect sections :D

    Thank you so much for this answer.

    I found a great site to learn Korean verbs conjugations -> Korean verb '이다' conjugated

    I already know 입니다 used on TV for exemple , 이에요 to present ourself for exemple and now I know 이야 for familiar/casual/informal purposes.

    Thank you again for your answer
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