I am confused (as to) why...


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There is no source for this, I wrote it myself and am not sure what is better or even if both are correct.

I am confused (as to) why you did not answer my message.
  • Simplify the English to....

    "I am confused." "Why did you not answer my message?"​


    Is that what you meant???
    I am confused as to why you did not answer my message.

    Yes, that is correct, although I think some people frown on it usage because of its wordiness. Personally, I find it elegant. (I think there are former threads on this forum where debate raged over it.)
    So I take it without "as to" it's incorrect?
    It may be a US-usage thing. My English is mostly US-influenced and I had the feeling that "as to why" is ok.
    If I didn't use "as to", I would use "about/over". "I am confused why..." doesn't sound good to me.
    I agree with veli - I couldn't use "I am confused why...".

    Paul, are you saying "I am confused why..." is correct, or have I misunderstood you?
    Hmmm... the omission is common enough to be unremarkable but, on reflection, the "as to" is preferable.