I am considering doing a psychology A-Level


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I was wondering if anyone could help me translate the following phrase: "I am also considering choosing Psychology at A-Level"

My Try: "J'envisage également de choisir psychologie à A-Level"

Merci! :)
  • Jean-Michel Carrère

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    J'envisage également de choisir la psychologie comme A-level

    Please note that "comme A-level" will only be understood by someone who is familiar with "A-levels".


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    Do you mean that you are in your final year of high school and you want to choose to take psychology at your A-Level exam?
    Then, for France, I would say:
    "J'envisage également de passer la psychologie au baccalauréat/bac."
    "J'envisage également de prendre psycho au bac."
    (more colloquial)

    Or if you don't want the equivalent:
    "J'envisage également de passer la psychologie pour (?) mes A-Levels (équivalent anglais du baccalauréat)".

    This is not so easy to find the right form because in France, we don't get to choose the subjects we want to take (except for some non-compulsory subjects).
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