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  1. danielenglish

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    "India - Hindi & English"
    Hi teachers,

    What is the difference between ' I am done " and "I have done " and where to use it exactly and meaning as well.

    Thanks in advance
    (I like english)
  2. Franzi Senior Member

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    Do you have example sentences you're confused about? This is a very general question.
  3. Starfrown

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    In the phrase "I am done," done is an adjective. In "I have done" it is verbal; specifically, the past participle.


    I am done with my homework.
    I have done my homework.
  4. catworth Member

    Great response, Starfrown. You have indeed done your homework. :)
  5. danielenglish

    danielenglish Banned

    "India - Hindi & English"
    what is the meaning of "I am done with my work" and " I am done with my interview".

    thanks in advance

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