I am expensive because of the talent on my roster

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Hien Pham

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I found this sentence in a movie "Chop Shop" where the master thief was talking to another car thief named Porter.
He said to Porter that "I am expensive, Porter, because of the talent on my roster". Right now, I have an open spot. Would you like to audition for the A-team?

I am a little bit vague about the meaning of this sentence. Does he mean "I am rich, Porter, because I have many skilled thieves in my hands."?

Could you enlighten me please? Thank you everyone.
  • dojibear

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    English - Northeast US
    It makes sense to say "talent on my roster" means "skilled thieves working for me".

    But "expensive" would not mean "rich", unless it was a poor translation. "Expensive" would mean "people pay me a high price, to have me steal things for them".
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