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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by birdlady, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. birdlady Member

    italia italiano
    Hi. What do you traslate "I am happy for you"? I would say "Sono felice per te.". Thanks
  2. Calamitintin

    Calamitintin Senior Member

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    Si, mi sembra perfetto!
  3. birdlady Member

    italia italiano
    Thank you Cal!:)
  4. Revere_MA Member

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    USA, American English
    Is this English expression translated literally into Italian or is there a specific way to say it?

    If context helps - my friend just told me his interview went well and I would like to say "I'm happy for you."

    Thanks in advance.
  5. happy-too Senior Member

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    Sono contento per te...

    (but certainly wait for the natives...and it wouldn't hurt to have you finish the sentence to add more context.)
  6. frangho Member

    I'd probably just say "good for you"
    although I don't think "I'm happy for you" is wrong

    I'm sorry!
    Actually, I had thought that there might have been something wrong with my answer, but I figured you meant "from" Italian and not "into"....
  7. Revere_MA Member

    Boston, MA
    USA, American English
    I see. So would "good for you" just be "buono per te" ?
  8. frangho Member

    Actually it would be "buon per te"
    but...you'd have to ask a teacher why that is!!!
    It's probably just a matter of sound...

    Anyway, tell your friend:
    sono molto contento per te!

  9. moro_of_venice Senior Member

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