I am having some straight time

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    A bisexual teenager describes his life, day after day. He has no girlfriend or boyfriend and finds his life a bit boring thus. One day, he says :
    "I’m having some straight time with my mates." and right after this, we see him with a group of male teenagers, talking about girls.

    I would like an English-speaker's point of view : do you think "straight" here means "heterosexual" or does it just mean he does nothing really exciting but hang with his friends?

    Merci et bon week-end !
  2. pitstop

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    You are right, 'straight' in this context means hetrosexual

  3. se16teddy

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    I agree with Pitstop. At least in your hero's perception, chatting with ones mates about girls is an activity typical of heterosexual guys.
  4. regal Senior Member

    Thanks a lot, pitstop and teddy.
    Enjoy your weekend,

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