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    Hi everyone!

    I started learning Japanese a while ago and I am now at a lesson about countries and their people's name.

    I saw on google translate that Israel is 'isuraeru', but how do I say:

    I am Israeli
    I am from Israel

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    私はイスラエル人です。 Watashi wa Isuraeru-jin desu. This means "I'm Israeli".
    (私は)イスラエルからです。 (Watashi wa) Isuraeru kara desu. This one means "I'm from Israel".
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    In Japanese, toponyms can create language names and people names by taking suffixes. For example, people from China (中国, chūgoku) are 中国人 (chūgoku-jin) and their language is 中国語 (chūgoku-go). There are a lot exceptions to the latter but the former is very regularly applied to countries and their citizens.

    I am Israeli.
    Watashi-wa isuraeru-jin desu.

    I am from Israel.
    Watashi-wa isuraeru-kara kimashita.
    Literally, "I am come from Israel."

    The latter is somewhat old-fashioned in English but the Japanese equivalent of "from" cannot be used with a copula.

    You can't say that unless the context is very clear about what you are asked about. If someone has already introduced herself before you saying, 私はカナダから来ました (I am from Canada), then you can replace the verb with です.

    Note that です (desu) works both as a copula and as a verb-substitute.
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    Thank you both for your answers :)

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