I am sorry it is late, I fell asleep before finishing it

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  1. GingandSpice Member

    Bonjour à tous,

    In an email I'm writing, I need to add that "I am sorry it (the dossier) is late, honestly I fell asleep accidentally before finishing it."
    My attempt: "Je suis désolée qu'il est tard, franchement je me suis endormi par erreur avant d'avoir terminé."

    Is this a good French translation to include in my email?
    Also, is it informal/casual/not serious to use "franchement" when addressing my professor in this message? I am seeking his understanding after all...I don't want him to think that I accept my mistake as no big deal.

    Merci bien :)
  2. LART01

    LART01 Senior Member

    La Haye Pays-Bas
    Pardon pour ce retard...
    Toutes mes excuses pour ce retard....
    Je suis sincèrement/franchement désolée de ce retard....

    Je me suis malencontreusement endormie avant d'avoir pu (le)terminer
  3. GingandSpice Member

    Very helpful, thank you!
  4. Alliga Senior Member

    LART01's translation is good, the formal way to say it.

    But for your own records only : "Je suis désolée qu'il est tard, franchement je me suis endormi par erreur avant d'avoir terminé."

    I am sorry if the essay is late
    "Je suis désolé de vous l'envoyer en retard".
    If you will be late : "Je suis désolée d'être en retard".

    "franchement" is very informal, and does not fit with "honestly". I would rather say "sincèrement", or even "honnêtement" (depending of the context).

    "feel asleep accidentally" : yes, but the direct translation does not sound great at all. I would rather say "je me suis endormi sans m'en rendre compte".

    Once again, for a formal letter or email, LART01's reply is the one to choose ; and your attempt was great.
    But I hope through my message that you understood a bit more of this curious language which is french :)
  5. mirifica Senior Member

    Les Lilas

    ... mais je me suis endormie dessus ??
  6. GingandSpice Member

    Ahh d'accord Alliga, that makes a lot of sense! Thank you very much :)

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