I am the one who wins / win

Discussion in 'English Only' started by eli7, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. eli7

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    Tehran; Iran
    Persian; Farsi
    "I am the one who wins / win."

    Which one is correct? I think because the subject is "I" and someone is talking about him/hersel,it should be "win". But I can think of "who" as the second subject so "wins" can be correct.
  2. Crockett

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    Hello eli7. I'm sure if you do a quick search through the forums, you will find the subject in this sentence is 'one' and not 'I'. Therefore, 'wins' is correct.
  3. entangledbank

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    Your second thought is correct: the subject of 'win(s)' is 'who', not 'I' (and not 'the one'). 'Who' can be singular or plural - it gets its number from its antecedent (the noun before it):

    the player who wins [singular]
    the players who win [plural]

    In your sentence, the antecedent is 'the one', singular. It's also third person, so the verb is 'wins'. The sentence is saying I (first person) = some other thing (third person).
  4. eli7

    eli7 Senior Member

    Tehran; Iran
    Persian; Farsi
    Thanks a lot entangledbank, your explanation really helped.
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