I <am waiting / have been waiting> for 2 hours.

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Could someone help me with both sentences:

I have been waiting for 2 hours.

I am waiting for 2 hours.

is there any the difference ? i have some difficulties to understand the second sentence has started in the past and uses the present.

Thank you for any help !
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    Hello Stillwithyou!

    I'm not a native speaker of English, but in my opinion Present Perfect Continuous tense should be used in this example.


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    Same here, it's usually "I've been waiting for X amount of time". Not sure when the other sentence would be used.


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    Your first sentence is fine. Your second sentence is ungrammatical. If the waiting was in the past, and is still going on, then you use the first sentence. If the waiting period hasn't started yet you would say "I will wait for two hours".
    In order to use your second sentence you could conceivably say something like: "Tell him I'm waiting for two hours [starting now], maximum, and then I shall go home. This last sentence refers to the future only, the waiting starts after you have said it.
    I hope this helps and hasn't been too confusing!


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    Hello all,
    Thank you for your fast replies, I really undestand better now !

    Have a great day (or night) !

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