I am your sword in the eternal battle.

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  1. tlgrande New Member

    Norwegian - Bokmål
    "I am your sword in the eternal battle, the shield protecting you from misfortune, and the everlasting light brightening your dark and challenging path ahead."

    My partner wrote this, and I would like to have it engraved for him as a Christmas present. I would love to have the engraving in grammatically correct Latin (he is a historian with a passion for ancient Rome), but unfortunately my knowledge of Latin is extremely limited. (He has already translated it with Google Translate, which, speaking as a translator, pains me greatly.)

    I'm primarily interested in the first phrase (I am your sword in the eternal battle), but advice on the rest would also be hugely appreciated.

    Thank you!
  2. Schimmelreiter

    Schimmelreiter Senior Member

    Tibi sum gladius aeterna in pugna et scutum adversa arcens et inextinguibilis lux illustrans tenebras itineraque periculosa.
  3. XiaoRoel

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    Vigo (Galiza)
    galego, español
    Ego tibi in aeterno bello ensis (sum) et scutum in adversis arcens et aeterna lux tenebrosam periculosamque uiam illustrans/illuminans-

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