~i and ~tamae endings

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    Could you please tell me what are the meaning of those two endings. By that ~i I mean the verb stem where we add masu. I heard it in anime just alone without masu or anything else. What does it mean. And also tamae ending please.

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    Explanation via examples! (Please include an example next time so we don't waste each other's time talking about stuff that's not the question ;) )
    Verb stem by itself functions like て form and is a conjunction. It is more or less "and". "I go town and do shopping."

    たまえ is a pretty rare way of giving an imperative or order. "Sit down!" If you want a good example, listen to the Führer speak in Fullmetal Alchemist - he uses it all the time.
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    Sorry I actually didn't have exact example. I just realized that I heard it somewhere :D.
    Thank you very much

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