I ask you / I'm asking you


Russian, Ukrainian
Can you please tell me which one I have to use in the sentence below: "I ask you" or "I'm asking you"?

I ask you. Where were you yesterday?

I'm asking you. Where were you yesterday?

Are both perfectly natural in the context? If so, is there any difference in meaning?
  • The progressive tense seems much more likely to me. Here is a context in which it would sound natural:

    Terry: What are you asking me?
    Tina: I'm asking you this: Where were you yesterday? Or: I'm asking you where you were yesterday.

    "I ask you" can be used as a sort of tag question: "is this what the youth of today have come to? I ask you."

    It can also occur for habitual asking: "Every time I don't understand something, I ask you for an explanation". We do not use the progressive "am asking" for habitual or repetitive events.