I believe in the reality I see.

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I am going to make up a simple sentence.

(ex) I believe in the reality I see.

To help you see this in context, I am going to talk about unemployment in my city. The unemployment rate in my city is very high right now. If I quit my job, I don't think I can find another one very easily. Even though I don't like my job, I have to keep it. So, I believe what I see in the state of reality.

Does my example make any sense? Thanks for your help.
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    It might make sense if the context (the preceding and the following sentences) made it clear that you're talking about job opportunities. As a stand-alone sentence, it might be taken as your philosophical position on the nature of reality, which would be contrary to, for example, solipsism. :D


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    It makes sense in the context you've given for it, but it's not very idiomatic.

    As an explanation of why you feel you're stuck with a job you don't really like, I think I'd say something like:
    "I accept the reality of the situation".

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