I bet you are digging the skin you are in.


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Here are some of the scripts from a drama called " F is for family".
Could anybody explain the meaning of the sentence "You are digging the skin you are in."

Vic : Hey, Frank, it'd be righteous if you joined us to watch the fight at my house.
Thirty-two inches of living color.
friend 1 : Thirty-two inches? - That's pretty big.
Vic : Up here, Babe.
Frank: Well, thanks, but you're a little late.
Everyone in the neighborhood is already coming over to watch the fight on my new color set.
It's 33 inches.
[Vic] : They make 'em that size?
Frank: They do for me.
Vic: Out of sight.
You got it all going on.
I bet you're digging the skin you're in.
Frank: You bet your ass I am.

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    "Digging" is slang for "liking; enjoying".

    It's not clear what "the skin you're in" means.

    But the whole sentence means something like "I bet you're enjoying your situation."


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    Vic : Hey, so how about that fight? Big Skillet's gonna kill that pasty booze-bag.
    Friend 1 : Hey, where's your loyalty? You're white.
    Vic: So what? Black dudes are cool. You ever seen one naked? I do all the time. Big stars, too.
    Friend 1 :Oh, yeah? Which ones?
    Vic : One of the Four Tops was washing his armpits in the men's room at the radio station just last week. He was the main one, I think. We made eye contact. Good guy.

    These are the conversations that they engaged in between them just before. Can they help you?
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