I bet you did


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I bet you did something, didn't you? Thanks anyway!

I send an email to someone complaining about a problem with a software I have on my PC.
The guy replies me saying that everything looks normal and that I shouldn't be experiencing any problem.
I try again and now everything is fine.
I'd like to reply the text above.
Does it make sense to you?
How would a native speaker say it, please?
  • quorumangelorum

    US, english
    probably too late for this, but you would say, "Thanks anyway," if he had NOT done anything for you. "Thanks anyway" is what you say if they tried but could not help, or wanted to but were somehow prevented; or were willing but help was not needed after all.

    If you think that he must have done something (even if only some magic) to help, then simply say, "Thanks."

    However, you could say: "Anyway, thanks." (meaning, in any case, whether he helped or not, thanks.)
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