I burst out and told things that I regretted later


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I burst out and told things that I regretted later.

What is the idiomatic way to say that you couldn't contain your anger and said/done something on emotions? I'd like to know the phrase for the act of "bursting out", as in losing control of yourself and doing something on emotions.


Oh, and is "do something on emotions" idiomatic?
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    "Blurted out" is often used for things said without thinking. "I blurted out things that I later regretted".

    Note that in your original wording it should be "said" not "told".


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    These are a bit more contextual/stylistic but you could say:

    I just completely lost it and said....
    I just snapped and then told him....
    Impulsively I said....
    In the heat of the moment I ended up saying/blurting out....