I buy my friend's dog a dog biscuit - grammar


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When translating 'I buy my friend's dog a dog biscuit', with regards to grammar, is this correct:
Ich verkaufe dem Hund meines Freund eine Hundekekse

My reasoning is that 'ich' is the subject and therefore is nominative; 'der Hund' is the beneficiary and therefore is dative; 'Freund' is the owner and therefore genitive; and 'die Hundekekse' is what is being bought, and therefore is accusative.
However, I get the feeling it's wrong.

Any corrections would be really handy.
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    German (Germany)
    Ich verkaufe dem Hund meines Freundes einen Hundekekse.

    - Verkaufen means sell, kaufen means buy.
    - Kekse is plural. Singular is Keks.
    - ein Hundekeks is nominative but it is the direct object and it has to be accusative: einen Hundekeks.

    EDIT: Genitive ending of Freundes missing.
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