I buy the odd product now and again.

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  1. clonada New Member

    Hola, estoy traduciendo un sondeo, y me sale la siguiente opción:

    Una serie de televisión o película sin material de mercadeo es hoy en día inimaginable.
    ¿Eres aficionado a este tipo de artículos?

    I buy the odd product now and again.

    Busqué odd product, ya que la traducción literal de: compro el mismo producto extrano ahora y siempre me sonaba un poco rara.
    Encontré que ODD products se les dice también a los dvds y cds, juegos de video, etc. Pero en ese caso estaría escrito en mayúsculas.... alguien ha oídp esta expresión alguna vez??
  2. lforestier

    lforestier Senior Member

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    Puerto Rico - Spanish/English
    productos ocasionales

    Yo compro el producto occasional en vez en cuando.
  3. clonada New Member

    y me podrías aclarar qué son los productos ocasionales????? gracias!!
  4. stemu Senior Member

    I think its about products you don´t pay much attention to. You come accross it in the supermarket und you buy it because you have seen it in advertising.
    Or you do not make much of a shopping list and no planned visit to the supermarket. Instead you get your washing up liquid from the corner shop when you have run out of it.

    EVAVIGIL Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    Compro algún artículo de vez en cuando.
    Ocasional is written with only one c in Spanish, Luis.
    Odd means "de vez en cuando" in this context.
    Cheers from Madrid.
  6. Chaucer Senior Member

    US inglés/español
    No se como se traduciría al español, pero en inglés el "I buy the odd product now and then" es como decir:
    "I buy a product now and then that is odd, rare, or unusual for me to buy or out of my normal buying pattern and habit; that I never buy were it not for some impulse, sense of adventure, a desire to experience something novel, or just for something to do without thinking, for whatever the reason might be."

    An example:

    I go to the grocery store and buy the usual food items, maybe a cake too. But that isn't really that odd. The odd item might be a Swiss Army knife or small cheaply made wind-chimes hanging at the register; but it also could be a mango, if for example I am a typical apple/orange/banana eating North American and would never venture out of that pattern of eating fruits. But, this one time, for some odd reason I say to myself, "Um. I think I'll buy a mango." I may like it or not. But if a mango is to remain "an odd product" (odd that I would buy it), then I probably won't buy it again or maybe not for a long long time.

    The "odd" in "the odd item" describes the rareness of, unlikeliness of, unpredictable behavior of the buyer, not the item itself. There is nothing odd or unusual about a Swiss Army Knife, only the behavior of the buyer if he/she is not a tool person or would never use one. One buys "the odd item", in other words, "an item that is at odds with a person's habitual tastes, needs, buying patterns."
  7. baz259 Senior Member

    english england
    hi, the frase that comes to mind is,
    do you shpo here often/regular,i buy the odd product now and again.
  8. stemu Senior Member

    Chaucer, this is a really good explanation.

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