I came in hot


I came in hot

I hear this phrase a lot these days. I want to know what this really mean.

I heard it from a casual conversation like,

A: They didn't do anything to you.
B: All right, I apologize. I came in hot.

Also, I heard this expression from a movie called "Triple X"

Vin Diesel: I'm coming in hot with a side of a bacon.

He said it when he was using a parachute to come down to the land from the sky.

What does "come in hot" mean exactly? Send help, please
  • Sounds like angry in the first example and fast in the second, but those are guesses from very little context. You'll have to let us know if they fit.
    The original meaning is for a vehicle arriving in a way that brings danger to the destination, such as too fast, out of control, burning, too steep (for airplanes), about to spill a volatile cargo, or pursued by violent enemies. A slight expansion on that is a vehicle which, upon arrival, will require sudden action by the people at the destination, such as for a cargo that must be loaded or unloaded as quickly as possible.

    As a metaphor for how someone behaves in a conversation or debate, it means reacting too quickly and/or too angrily, losing personal control.