I can safely/trustingly eat it

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Hi, let's say there's a cup of ice cream right in front of me that has a label saying "All-natural ingredients". So I whisper to myself one of the following before eating it.

1. Good. I can safely eat it. :confused:
2. Good. I can securely eat it. :cross:
3. Good. I can reassuringly eat it. :cross:
4. Good. I can reliably eat it. :cross:
5. Good. I can trustingly eat it. :confused:
6. Good. I can eat it without worry. :tick: [Edit: :thumbsdown::thumbsdown:]

(I avoided using "worrilessly" and "unworriedly" for #6 just because they can't be found in the dictionaries I use.)

I checked each adverb in the dictionaries I use before posting and it seems 2-4 are all wrong. What I want to say is #6. Does #1 mean the same as #6 although being "all-natural" doesn't necessarily mean "safe"? Does #5 sound odd? (I think so.)
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    #6 would work if 'worry' was changed to 'worrying'.
    Interesting. Below is a book written by an American author (I couldn't post a link to it because it contains videos and I think I have to obtain moderator's permission first to post a link to a video).
    Would you find the title "Living Without Worry" odd and think it should be "Living Without Worrying".

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