I can see you, I can hear you


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I am studying music currently and came across a beautiful chamber type aria that is only translated into English, but was first written in Italian. I have not been able to locate the Italian translation and am wondering if anybody can help me out with it because I may want to use it for a piece I'm doing soon.

I believe the context is someone's cry to their God. At least, from the title, that is what I have come to think. It is following. I have tried to translate on my own, but as I'm such a beginning, I'm pretty sure it wrong. Thank you!

For my Savior

I can see you, I can hear you
all around me, overcome
in the trees, the light that moves them
in these songs, that beauty sings
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    I found this motet by Annibale Stabile and think that your piece, being sacred, may have originally been in Latin rather than Italian. And the Savior/Salvatore of the dedication may also be, like this one, to Salvatore Villani ("a cura di Salvatore Villani"). If you can find someone to translate the opening lines into Latin, it may be easier to unearth...:)