I can take a hint as well as the next one

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Dear all,
this from the sketch 'As the Spirit Moves' (chapter 'TOO MUCH IS ENOUGH') by Dorothy Parker.

There I was, so anxious to make friends with them, and find out how all the folks were, and if they were still with the same people, and how they liked their work. And they would never even say so much as “Haven’t we had a poisonous winter?” to me. So if that is the way they are going to be about it—why, all right. I can take a hint as well as the next one.

Could you please comment on the sentence in question? I guess its a way to say that the narrator understands the situation and is bitter about it.
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    Yes. Your explanation is correct. The narrator is being ignored and she concludes that the people do not want her there.


    Just to add that "the next one" means "the next man" or "the next person". I can take a hint just as well as anyone else.
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