I cannot possibly countenance any such [inconsistent] proceeding


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The quotation comes from Jane Eyre Chapter 18

Quotation: ... “Let us have her (the fortune-teller) in, of course.”
I cannot possibly countenance any such inconsistent proceeding,” chimed in the Dowager Ingram.

“Indeed, mama, but you can—and will,” pronounced the haughty voice of Blanche, as she turned round on the piano-stool; where till now she had sat silent, apparently examining sundry sheets of music. “I have a curiosity to hear my fortune told: therefore, Sam, order the beldame forward.”

Quotation: The young ladies, including Dowager Ingram's daughters, are eager to consult a old women who called herself a fortune-teller.
Hi everyone! I don't quite understand the bold part. I think it means "I cannot possibly support in consulting the old woman". But the word "inconsistent" confused me. As my thread says:
He is saying that Jane's stubbornness is a consistent (logical, understandable) response to the impolite way he phrased his request.
Does the the word "inconsistent" here means "illogical"? Or does it means "proceedings inconsistent with what are proper in her mind" ?
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    Yes, she means she can't agree to allowing her to come in.

    She uses "inconsistent" here to mean that the idea of calling the fortune-teller in is not compatible with (inconsistent with) their status and customs.
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