I cannot run no more ?


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Hello everybody,

I'm just wondering if these lyrics from an Amy Macdonald's song are in good english :

"I cannot run no more"


"I will run until my feet no longer run no more"

With the negation, is not the right form "any more" in both the two sentences ?

Thanks !

  • Homosum

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    France, Français
    I spoil the lyrics ?

    If I did, I apologize !
    But actually, knowing the form is wrong won't make me find the lyrics less good.



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    It's US southern dialect for anymore. The double negative is standard in that style of speech and widely adopted in songs (probably from the blues originally). It allows the right number of syllables to match the tune.

    (You'll be following the tradition of Mick Jagger, who never sang I can't get any satisfaction - or Elvis Presley, who never sang You are nothing but a hound dog!)
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